Happy Easter from Kitchenpants!

We are off to the ballpark to celebrate, but first I thought I would share what we ate for breakfast this morning:

photo 1 Behold the Peepcake!

These are too easy to make and I bet I don’t even have to tell you how, but I will: make pancake batter as usual and then drop it on your (very!) hot griddle in lines and squiggles. You can use a squirt bottle to do this, but I just used a spoon because this idea just came to me last night and I had no time to procure said bottle. Add a Peep and some jellybean eggs to the nest and voila! (If you want to get really creative, you could dye your batter green for grass and use a bunny Peep for a meadow version.)


PS. If you love Peeps as much as I do, try this tasty take on grilled ham and cheese.

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