Review: 3 Day Juice Cleanse by Simply Fit Meals

With the New Year nearly upon us, I bet you’re starting to ponder your resolutions. I love a chance to start fresh on anything, so New Year’s Day is a very appealing holiday to me. Like many people, I usually start the New Year with a cleanse or fast of some sort. Last year, I skipped my cleanse (and dang it, I really shouldn’t have) so this year, I knew I had to step up. Thing is, I have some wicked crazy New Year’s plans, so cleansing right on the first day or even the first week of the year just won’t work.

Thank goodness for Simply Fit Meals. Just as I was trying to decide how to achieve a cleanse and still enjoy my New Year’s Eve and Day, into my email sailed a 3-day juice cleanse with a nifty little promotional price. Usually $150.00, Simply Fit Meals was offering their cleanse for just $100. It took me a hot minute to sign up.

Simply Fit Meals offers pre-made, balanced, and delicious meals that you simply heat up and eat. I am not a huge fan of pre-made meals as a rule, but these are really, really delish. If you’ve never heard of Simply Fit Meals, check them out if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ( If you don’t live around here, I bet you have something similar around your part of the world.

I was slated to begin my cleanse on Monday, but Simply Fit ran into an issue with their juicer so they asked if I could pick up on Monday night. I couldn’t make that date, so they opened early on Tuesday morning for me. That, my friends, is service.

And so it began.


The Simply Fit 3Day Juice Cleanse consists of 6 juices a day for a total of 18 16oz juices. You have to drink the juices in a particular order every day along with plenty of water. No solid food allowed, but if you must have something (like if your whole team has their holiday celebration at your favorite Italian restaurant – grrrrr), then raw veggies are acceptable.

The juices themselves are tasty. The day starts with Glow (kale, apple, rose water, and ginger) for the skin and lymphatic system. Then, onto my favorite, California Sunrise, (grapefruit, orange, pineapple, lime and lemon) for energy and immune system function….and this juice was also amazing on day 2 when I was little shaky from lack of sugar (I’m hypoglycemic so I react in a very pronounced way to sugar – lucky me).

Lunch is Spicy Ignitor (pineapple, celery, kale, jalapeño, and salt) for fat loss and detox. I don’t do well with spicy anything, so my antics when consuming this little number on day 1 spurred a bet from my co-worker, The Travelling Ricky Show: Make it through the remaining juices and days without complaint to win the bet.

Fine. No problem at all.*

Smooth Hydration (cucumber, coconut, water, kale, apple, and aloe) comes after Spicy Ignitor for digestion…and frankly, relief from the spice.

Dinner is Sweet Beet (pineapple, carrot, beet, and lime) for energy and liver/kidney/blood detox. Be careful…beet juice stains so use a straw with this one and avoid your teeth if you can.

And, then, finally…Clean Slate…(cue the dark lord music, please, for this blend of maple, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, water, and lemon) for detox. Oh. My. Word. Very. Spicy. So much so that I couldn’t really sip it. On the first night, I did this:

photo 2 (3)

On the nights that followed, I found the biggest straws that I could and literally sucked it up in giant gulps. As spicy as it was, by day 2 I had successfully convinced myself that it tasted just like oysters on the half shell with a little lemon and Tobasco….but, damn.

All in all, the cleanse went as I expected it to go. I did drop a little weight, but more importantly, I felt really, really good a few days after it was over. My skin has been clear, my runs have felt effortless, and I have kept up with eating in a fairly clean manner.

If you decide to juice cleanse, a few notes for you:

  •  For me, this cleanse was more of a reset. I’ve been feeling pretty good – I haven’t been sick at all this whole Fall and Winter – but it’s always nice to have a little boost. The 3-day duration was perfect for my little kickstart plan.
  • Make sure that you spend some time paying attention to your body before the cleanse. I can’t decide if this advice sounds really “Captain Obvious” or “peace and yin-yangs”, but either way, you should be in touch with what your body is like before the cleanse so that you can evaluate what it’s doing during the cleanse and notice the effects of the cleanse when you are done. Trust me, once you are on the cleanse all you are doing is focusing on how your body is reacting, so you might as well get in touch with it now.
  • If you’re going to cleanse, make sure you have a support system. I think this is probably the most important element to this whole project. Yes, it’s just 3 days of juice, but listen, I get really cranky when I am hungry. With the cleanse, I wouldn’t say I was starving because all of the juice and water give a feeling of fullness, but my body definitely noticed the difference in what I was putting into it. And I’m not going to lie, I was definitely a little punchy. I just happen to have the very best coworkers of all time, so they rallied around me throughout the process during the day and my family indulged my (slight) whining at night. Here’s coworker and fellow sufferer (paleo), TB, pouting with me during the aforementioned team lunch at delicious Taverna:

photo (17)

  • You might look terrible during the cleanse. Call it the toxin release or whatever you like, my skin got really dry and I felt like I had a touch of the flu on day 3 all the way to 2 days post-cleanse. But I slept really, really well and by day 3 post-cleanse, I had glowing skin and all of my energy back.
  • Ease back into food after the cleanse is over. I did gluten-free: a small serving of plain rice with lean sashimi and green veggies. A perfect welcome-back to solid food meal.
  • And…get ready for a hangover. I like a little Chardonnay now and again…and post-cleanse, I had a glass (a healthy pour, but still a glass) that I sipped on over the course of almost an hour and a half. And, the next morning, I had a raging hangover. A reset indeed: I’m now a pretty cheap date…save for my expensive taste in wine.

*About that bet…I thought I would find a way to outsmart The Travelling Ricky Show and his bet by disguising every complaint as a statement of fact:

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

But, then, I gave up. It feels good to vent…and as the point of a cleanse is to cleanse, I see no value in holding toxic thoughts in:


PS. Full disclosure: Simply Fit Meals did not compensate me in any way for this post…and why would they anyway with this last picture? (Just being honest about my struggles, Simply Fit Meals.) That said, I highly recommend that you try this cleanse as well as the rest of the meals that they prepare. The Vanilla Flax French Toast is heaven. Enjoy!

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