versatileblogger111How fun is this? I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!

Let me tell you, I do love an award. I still have my first place medal from the 1988 Regional Science Olympiad (That’s right kids! I will tear you apart when it comes to making an egg catcher or predicting precipitation levels in high stakes situations) and I have been known to wear it every so often. Dorky? Probably. I mostly do it to annoy my kids.

I was nominated for this award by the author of Letters to Chace and Harper . Thank you!

The Versatile Blogger has a few rules that go along with accepting the nomination. One is that I am to share 7 things about myself:

1. The reason that my blog is Kitchenpants! is because I think that any word is funnier when it ends in -pants….crankypants, crazypants, meanpants, etc. It’s also homage to the scene in Drop Dead Fred where Fred and Lizzie make Pants Pie.

2. I quote the oddest movies. Hang out with me for a while, and you will hear quotes from Drop Dead Fred (“I don’t like you because you’re a girl and girls are DI-SCUST-ING!”), Weird Science, Shag, and several other obscure movies of my youth.

3. I love baseball. Love. Love. Love. I will watch any baseball game at anytime, but I have fallen in love with the Texas Rangers. Let’s go Skipper Wash!

4. I cry at baseball games when they announce the starting line-up. Something with the music and the cheering…so glad for sunglasses!

5. I just discovered The Big Bang Theory. (I know.)

6. I have an irrational fear of RVs. Really. Take me anywhere near one and I will start to shake and panic.

7. Nothing makes me happier than a chilled glass of good chardonnay, good food, and good friends with whom to share. If this happens near an ocean and Stanley Tucci is at the next table with Adam Levine, then be still my heart.

Here are my nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award:

Lolo’s Lunch

Her Name is Rachel

domestic diva, M.D.

The Running Scientist

Olive to Run

Health, Love, and Chocolate

Body Made Better

Chunky Runner Guy

Small Town Runner

Blog About Running

The Sparkled Sidewalk

The Collection Cup


Run Free



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